martedì 28 giugno 2011

November 5th 1907

some weeks ago at vintage fair in town i've found a love letter dated 5th nov. 1907, wrote by a girl named Lisetta. She writes from Finocchieto,a small town in Umbria just near mine. I wonder how her relatives could have sell a precious treasure like this... the letter is obviously written in ancient italian language which is difficult to translate in english so try to use your imagination!!
"Finocchieto 5.11.07
One and only hope of my life! I'm writing you with a soul full of an inexpressible and immens happiness! even if I wish I could never express with my poor pen what the lecture of today's letter produced in my heart. Its been many hours since the postman came and i'm still invaded by a so violent agitation that makes my arm tremble and i can't write. Don't call me fool!what doo you want?this is me,i maybe have got a too sensible nature,like yours,and the big happiness and the big pains make me feel such emotions. And you can't imagine what I had to do to take your letter! you see,going out from home to go to the post office i met my dad and Clorinda that were going there too,something they never did before. So,without loosing courage , I run before them ,i took away from the postman's hands the bags and i opened the one in which I knew there must have been your letter. When i found it with a great skill and without being noticed I putted the letter in my pocket ,and then i showed them only the postcard! this is something i could have not done before and that the big love made me do so well. I ask you not to write on the postcards words with suspension dots anymore like ou did today,because Clorinda reading it did a grimace asking me what they meant! if you wish to tell me something ypu can write it under the stamp as i did many times with my friends. I also ask you not to send me letters stopped at the post office anymore because i could be in troubles. You could say: you wrote me to do that,but now i thought it's not convenient anymore. I wrote you a letter full of recommendations but what do you want, sometimes you have to do it! now I have to ask you a last thing: when you will receive this letter write me one telling me that your job made it impossible to write me before,and telling me that you're coming here ,and thanking me for the wishes,as you never wrote the last letter (this makes me think that these guys were holding an "official" correspondence approved by their family and another one more secret and personal). So should i wait till 19th nov. to see you again? bad guy,you make me long for you. Oh! I wish these 14 days that separate us could soon go away! I pray you to come at least one day before ,that is the 18th,and let me know if your good sister will come with you. You say you're old because you're 24 (OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) should I care for that? even if you told me you were 50 it would have been the same because i love you with all my soul. In this letter you will find a red carnation,symbol of my burning love! take it because it's not dryed yet! write me often from Naples because otherwise i will be worried. Love me,repeat me that you love me. It will sounds always new,always appreciated. I ardently kiss your beloved face. Lisetta yours always.
i read it about 100 times!!isn't it lovely??Photobucket
in the first page,what it looks like a brown stain on the paper is instead the carnation's imprint

in these pictures i was wearing:
cammeo necklace and head fascinator which are very edwardian in my opinion
my mom's shirt,Titanic skirt and victorian style boots (only 12 euro!)

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  1. That is a very passionate love letter, Katia. It's exciting to read the intimate thoughts and feelings of that young woman. I once considered age 24 to be old. Now I consider age 50 to be young! (LOL) My mother once owned the diary of a man who lived at the turn of the 20th century. The entries in it dated from the early weeks and months of the year 1900. I read it with great interest. We can learn a great deal from old documents such as these. I hope you are well and happy, dear friend!


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