sabato 19 agosto 2017

Collecting vintage make-up

The first time I heard about vintage makeup was during pregnancy.
I was watching videos on YouTube about  safe makeup products during pregnancy and I came across a video about dangerous makeup during Edwardian and Victorian age. Women didn't know what they were putting on their faces and many of the ingredients in makeup could have killed them. 
Thanks to this video I discovered Madeleine Marsh.
I watched her interviews and some photos of her beautiful collection about antique and vintage makeup and knew she also had written a book about it.
I had to have it.
I ordered it on amazon and finished in a couple of hours.
Before that time I collected some items from the Edwardian and Victorian era such as a corset ,a wedding gown and some other pieces which in the meantime had been sold on Etsy and Catawiki, but never seriously got into antique gowns collection.
When I discovered Marsh's collection I knew it was my thing.
Vintage makeup is tiny, beautiful to display, got great packaging and spread through a various type of materials: as Madeleine advices you can collect almost everything from powder compacts to photographs, from dance compacts to talcum powder tins.
Here in my area I only found a couple of items but thanks to Etsy, eBay and my passion for travels my collection is growing, slowly but constantly.
I will talk about my vintage makeup collection here on my blog but if you want a preview of what I call a constant work in progress you can take a look here (mobile version) :

                              Poudre Pompeia early 1900s

                    Flapper cigarette, lipstick and powder case

                              Mem'ry rouge compact, 20s

Please take a look at my Etsy shop HerreraLaneVintage :
-30% off at checkout if you buy two items until Aug.25th
thank you!

sabato 22 luglio 2017

V&OL is alive again, with a shop update

                                                                         Vintage 50s dress, Etsy

After many years far from the blogosphere I decided to start again. As a stay at home mom I missed blogging in my spare time; 
I currently have 2 blogs, this is the older one, where I write about my vintage adventures and my Etsy shop and the younger, Diario Gitano, where I talk about our travels around the world and the food we encounter along the way. I also share some gluten free recipes since I'm celiac since 1998.
In this first posts after a very long time I'll share with you July arrivals in my shop, almost entirely devoted to antique lingerie and dowry pieces. 
I missed my Etsy shop as well, since it allowed me to work and staying with my family at the same time.
Since I firstly created this blog to show my love for vintage outfits I will be posting my growing collection of vintage clothes, because despite my good intentions about decluttering my wardrobe, I can't stop buying them.
Anyone has got a little obsession.
Stay tuned for more shop updates and vintage clothing love ❤️ 

                                                             1910s/1920s nightgown

                                                  1800s nightgown with monogram

                                                              Vintage 50s dress, Etsy